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About pasby™:

pasby™ is a pioneering Regtech startup dedicated to simplifying the everyday process of accessing digital services for expatriates and nationals of African nations. We leverage the data bank of national registries to supercharge the rollout of innovative products and services for their masses whilst ensuring the utmost security of the national identities of each connected user. We aim to enable a Trust Framework for life commerce within and outside each African border.

The team:

All our products and functionality have been built in-house. Our team is currently quite small, but we each pack a considerable productivity punch. From our inception to launch, the tech team was just a one-man army. Only considering free-lance help when required for mundane tasks. You might have already met him, it’s Jackmay. Now, we are actively looking to bring on board a CTO to enable him to move on to other roles. Your role comes with a partnership equity stake in the company

Key responsibilities:

  1. Strategic leadership: Develop and implement a technology vision and strategy that aligns with the overall business goals of LikeMinded.
  2. Product development: Spearhead the development and delivery of product features and ensure the platform's scalability, security, and user experience as we grow.
  3. Team management: Build and lead a high-performing tech team. Foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.
  4. Technical innovation: Leverage new technologies for platform enhancement and implement intelligent matchmaking. The current development pipeline beyond the MVP includes utilising machine learning for dynamic pricing, ML/predictive analytics-based customer success tools, and tailored offer creation assistance tools leveraging generative AI - but as CTO, you will be critical in scoping and shaping the development objectives, including reassessing the above.
  5. Stakeholder collaboration: Collaborate with the CEO and CCO to align technology with market needs and work with product owners and community leaders to enhance platform capabilities based on customer feedback.
  6. Budget and resource management: Manage technology budgets and resources effectively.
  7. Risk management: Identify and mitigate technological risks.
  8. Spearhead recruitment of respective product Engineers during our team expansion

However, as you join an early-stage startup, you can be part of almost every aspect of the business if you are up for such a task. Working methods are highly flexible, and you can influence things from day one.

Technologies you’d be working with:

Our infrastructure highly employs micro-services, so we expect our candidates to be technology-diverse and knowledgeable on interoperable tech stacks.

This role is ideal for you if you:

Qualifications for the ideal candidate:

What we offer:

Join us to impact how digital services are offered in Africa, Give it a chance; you won’t regret it!