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Content Marketing Specialist / Copywriter (Part-Time / Student)

Part TimeStudent

Are you a person who has the talent of sparking engagement and sales through words and visuals? If so, this position could be an excellent fit for you. We are looking for a talented and excellent communicator and content creator with a passion for copywriting, people and Afro-futurism.


Africa needs specific tools to protect industries and personnel at home. Everything we do requires authenticating; Every electronic transaction involves confirmation. We prove our identity in everything because technology has crept into our daily lives. Current solutions do not address the consumer's need for ease and trust; instead, they cash on the ignorance of millions and provide direct services to Enterprises.

We are on a mission to change that. pasby™ is a pioneering Regtech startup dedicated to simplifying the everyday process of accessing digital services for expatriates and nationals of African nations. We leverage the data bank of national registries to supercharge the rollout of innovative products and services for their masses whilst ensuring the utmost security of the national identities of each connected user. We aim to enable a Trust Framework for life commerce within and outside each African border.

This is what we would like you to contribute to our mission:

The WHAT - The job scope:

The HOW - Attitude is everything:

What we offer in return:

Join us to impact how digital services are offered in Africa! We look forward to your application and will be interviewing continuously, so the sooner you apply, the better 💡.