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It's not just a product, it's a movement of bold Africans globally coming together to promote Pan-Africanism.

Our mission is to enable a TRUST framework for life commerce within and outside our borders. Finsel DGI envisions a barrier-free digital Pan-Africa with creativity at the forefront.

pasby founders

Simple beginnings

A national authentication framework

pasby™ offers a secure and convenient single sign-on service for national or expat residents of African countries to access sensitive applications.
The bigger picture; pasby™ is your national identification number firewall used for identification and more.

pasby™ drew some inspiration from BankID thoroughly present in Sweden. Ease and simplicity breeds trust in any economy. We no longer have to go to the bank for every transaction. It would be convenient if we didn't have to repeatedly provide our information to access various service providers as well.

Our founders are well travelled and technically gifted to tackle the problem statement. Thus, birthed pasby™ from an idea to where we are today. We began in Nigeria because it's an economic powerhouse with so much technological potential and outreach amongst the Pan-African spectrum.

Unlike any other identity solutions in Africa, pasby™ puts the power back into the hands of the citizens. Anyone can transform their innovative ideas into reality without the burden of third-party authentication systems.

We believe in providing higher value to our customers at a lower cost, making digital innovation accessible to all.

Founded company

The return of a prodigal son and the beginnings of a new dawn.

Released alpha

First iteration of the product suites were completed and we demoed on the open floor at OSCA fest Lagos.

Released Console for Developers

Console is our developer management platform for creating, retrieving, verifying and managing pasby™ API credentials

Phase 1 mass rollout

Goes live in Nigeria. Allowing passport holders to easily activate a digital pasby™ pass straight from the app.

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Our support is available 7 days a week 8-20. Nevertheless we do not promise an immediate reply because we are still expanding the team.


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It's live in Nigeria

Activate your account in just 2 minutes! Download our app to create your pasby™ using your Nigerian passport, NIN, and BVN to link your national identity.